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High performance on limited budgets and schedules.



Q Microwave's modular-microstrip design approach allows even the smallest RF design labs to develop high performance Integrated Microwave Assemblies (IMAs) or Multi-Function Modules (MFMs) on limited budgets and schedules. This capability can be used in a variety of IMA or MFM products including Switch Filters, Filter Amplifiers, Switched Attenuators, and Filter Banks.

Typical design approaches call for integration of Q Microwave´s pre-tuned modules on a printed wire board or in a machined housing. To better understand the use of these filters, follow this link to review a switch-filter multifunction module (MFM) that was built using this technique.



Using the modular-microstrip design approach, a circuit is realized using modular microwave components and assembled using microstrip interconnect geometries. For RF system designers, this approach provides an optimal solution to the typical dilemma between cost and performance. Specifically, the modular-microstrip design approach provides the following advantages:

Cost ($, time) vs. Performance


Verses Connectorized Designs:

Excellent Electrical Performance – Integration eliminates the degradation introduced by multiple connectorized devices. In addition, tuning of the integrated assembly insures proper impedance matching between assemblies.

Small Form-Factor – Our streamlined transitions and module packaging require approximately 1/3 of the real estate allocation required for traditional connectorized assemblies.


Verses Fully Integrated Designs:

Ease of Use – Even small RF design labs can design and build an integrated assembly without the extensive manufacturing and engineering capabilities required for fully integrated designs.

Rapid & Low Cost Development – Use of preexisting modules, standardized packaging, and broadband designs allow the recombination of preexisting components in multiple configurations. This reduces nonrecurring engineering costs, development cycles, and material lead times.

Rapid Delivery & Low Cost Hardware - Use of the same components and assemblies on multiple custom designs allows realization of larger learning-curve cost savings, greater probability of quantity discounts on commodity items, and shorter lead time for common material.




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