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Q Microwave's Engineering Lab Support provides RF development labs with system design analysis & feedback, filter design suggestions, and rapid filter development cycle. Using even minimal specification details, our engineering staff will develop your custom product and corresponding specification in a concurrent engineering environment.

Out goal is to provide even the smallest development teams with a powerful extension of their capabilities.



Our rapid prototyping capability provides significant delivery schedule advantage over the products of competing suppliers. When standard packaging and input/outputs are utilized, lab filter units are typically built within 2 to 3 weeks of contract acceptance.



For RF labs with regular requirements requirements for engineering or lab-use filters, Q Microwave offers the Open-Order Program. At the start of a development program, the customer generates an Open Purchase Order that specifies pre-approved price, delivery, and other contract terms. As filter requirements are identified, the customer's engineering team works directly with Q Microwave's engineering to rapidly develop and order microwave devices per the Open Purchase Order. This provides engineering teams with incredible flexibility and speed that provides the schedule-performance edge necessary in today's competitive environment. Contact us for details.



Q Microwave offers a full range of lab-use filters including lumped element highpass and lowpass filters. Our QLL and QLH series filters provide a good starting point for most applications.


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