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How Q Microwave Builds RF Bandpass Filters

Bandpass filters are one of the most common RF filters in existence. While the technology has been standardized for years, the processes for how these filters are created can vary.

Whether you’re an engineer who needs custom RF bandpass filters or you are simply curious about how Q Microwave creates them, this article is for you. Below, we’ll discuss the materials we use, our history as a filter manufacturing company, and more.

Quick Recap on Bandpass Filters

A bandpass filter is a device that removes frequencies that are too low or too high. They allow only specific frequencies to pass within a certain range. A simple passive bandpass filter can be made by putting together a single low pass filter with a high pass filter.

The components used to construct a bandpass filter will also affect its key characteristics. A filter with a ceramic resonator will operate differently if it has a lumped-element.

The challenge for RF filters is that no one filter technology is optimal for all applications. Custom filters are components that are not usually commercially available.

Q Microwave’s Unique Process for Bandpass Filters:

We have many capabilities for custom filters and integrated products, unlike other filter manufacturers who are solely focused on standardized filter units. While we also offer off-the-shelf RF filters and subsystem components, most projects need something unique.

With lumped-element, combline, ceramic resonator, and hi-rel filters ready to go, we can develop the custom RF bandpass filter that is the final piece of your design. 

Our individual bandpass filters can range from 20 MHz to 50 GHz. From prototypes to full-rate production, our engineers are ready to help you create the perfect RF bandpass filter that meets your needs.

Filter Table (1)Filter Technologies: Q Microwave Offerings in Green

Our proven and trustworthy manufacturing process contributes to our history of producing reliable filters for decades. By starting with high quality materials Q Microwave works with vendors to ensure that all purchased material meet Mil-Standard requirements as well as internally developed requirements. One example of this is the ability to screen capacitors down to .1pf tolerance allowing for consistent and repeatable manufacturing of the most complex filters. 

Quality is another factor that Q Microwave strives for by ensuring that there are multiple inspection steps throughout the manufacturing process. Q Microwave is able to screen out potential failure points before they leave the manufacturing floor.

We incorporated ESS screening regardless of customer requirements to ensure that our products can meet the most demanding environments. Our capabilities include making units fully hermetic through our developed laser welding process, thermal cycling, and random vibration testing, burn-in testing we can provide a wide range of screening. 

We combine this with our proprietary automated test software that allows our engineering staff to quickly generate test parameters and requirements, cutting out the need for extensive software development, and expediting the time from engineering development to high volume production. 

Packaging & Delivery Time

Q Microwave prides ourselves on our ability to manufacture custom filters that meet your exact needs and specifications. We do have off-the-shelf products, ready to ship quickly. But we are ready and happy to accommodate your custom filter needs.

Custom filters can come in a wide variety of materials and sizes. That means the average delivery time for our prototype filters can range from eight to twelve weeks. However, if you need your RF filter faster than that, our team can do what we can for an urgent situation.

As for packaging, our RF bandpass filters have multiple Surface Mountable Packaging options: 

●    PWB SMT
●    Formed Lead
●    MicroStrip
●    And/or CoPlanar MicroStrip

Q Microwaves high quality materials and manufacturing process allow us to produce highly reliable filters that meet the most stringent requirements.

Our History Since 1998

For over twenty-five years, Q Microwave’s knowledge has aided engineers when designing a filter with specific characteristics. Our team is ready to help you select the correct materials and topology to craft a high-performing bandpass filter.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and a highly-trained production team, we’re ready to make your next custom filter fast and easy! While other RF filter companies outsource their manufacturing, our team does everything in-house – all while maintaining quality industry standards.

Visual Example of Filters & Components Our Engineers Have Created

Q Microwave RF Filters

Our filter manufacturing team is also a U.S.-based manufacturer. Whether you need radar, EW, Sigint, radio communication, IFF, or satellite communication applications, we have the filter for you.
Our engineers are also certified for classified testing capabilities.

Need Space-Level Filters or Military-Grade Integrated Filter Products?

From broadband applications to electronic countermeasures, RF filters are an incredibly important part of our modern technology ecosystem. Q Microwave's personable approach, extensive history, and industry knowledge all contribute to our team’s ability to produce superior RF bandpass filters and other components.

Our team at Q Microwave is ready to hear what you need and get started. If you already have your desired bandpass filter specifications, you can forward your requirements to our team.